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(Date: 19th October 2009)

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The Rank a Brand web service is intended for viewing, collecting and disclosing information made available by ‘Brands’ (companies, NGO’s and other organizations). Rank a Brand strives to collect information that is as accurate, credible and verifiable as possible. The methodology used by Rank a Brand is based on the information published by brands on their website.

The information – collected in a joint effort wherein volunteers play a major part – is gathered based on carefully selected key questions formulated by Rank a Brand about labour conditions, carbon emissions and environmental impact. The possible answers are ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘don’t know / not clear’. The number of all ‘Yes’ answers is related to the number of questions and calculated into a final score, expressed in a score bar. Other evaluation systems and otherwise formulated questions may give inconsistent results and scores.


Rank a Brand has strict guidelines and procedures to safeguard the quality of the supplied content. While we strive to keep the content up to date and correct, Rank a Brand cannot make any claims as to the accuracy of the information as provided by volunteers. In addition, Rank a Brand cannot control the quality, credibility or truthfulness of information that brands provide on their websites, on which the Rank a Brand ratings are based. Therefore any conclusion, consequence, opinion or action taken based on the Rank a Brand analysis is your own responsibility and at your own risk. However, this is not to say you will not find valuable and accurate information on this website.

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